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We believe it’s all a matter of taste –  each to his own. We don’t, therefore, challenge the particular tastes of our customers. Instead we provide solutions that appeal to our customers and meet their expectations. This is not an easy task. But we are fearless, and at times can fly.








Mass mailing

this our engine
is noisless
is fireproof
is easy to us

this our engine, is noisless,
is fireproof, is easy to us

your comfort - that matters10 days free trial it's true

Mass Mailing

I recently advised a client who ordered a mailing template from us. A week later, he asked us for help in sending the first e-mail, but he imposed a condition: mailing couldn’t be sent by an external company, it had to be sent as a message directly from the company’s customer service department. He set us a few other challenges and this is how our own mailing engine was developed. After six months of development, we have a fully mature product which, using our creativity, can behave as a separate module on your website, on your server, or as a temporary service that you can rent ‘by the hour’, or on the number of e-mails sent. Familiarise yourself with our service and try out the LabelProof mailing engine for ten days absolutely for free.



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Why not give us a call? Or you can write to us if you are interested in anything specific. Just fill out the fields and we will answer all your questions comprehensively.


27 Throgmorton Street, EC2N 2AN London


we are not first in google
we are not biggest
we are not popular

we are not afraidand sometimes we can fly

Who are we?

LabelProof are three guys determined to succeed

  • Kamil

    a designer, graphic artist and cartoonist.

  • Piotr

    a programer
    and miracle worker
    (miraculously managing
    to program Kamil’s visions).

  • Tomasz

    the youngest and the hungriest for success, a traveller and guardian, who with his patience and passion connects with and guides customers from the beginning right through to the end of the project.

In 2014 we stopped working as freelancers. In the autumn of that year the Belgian project Magabel had brought us together as a team for the first time. Our effective teamwork resulted in several other projects, including work for the Sailing Club at St. Cross Lake in France, beauty clinics in London and a Belgian construction company.

The common themes emerging from these quite different tasks provided us with extremely valuable experiences, leading finally to the establishment of LabelProof.

Since then, LabelProof has brought several new projects to life with many more in the pipeline. And we are expecting this to continue into the future.